Travel Loverz (LLC) Booking terms and conditions

The Contract

The booking form, signed by the Customer to reserve the necessary services (“Booking Formula”) and these Terms, as well as any acknowledgement of a reservation from Travel Loverz

  1. (whose headquarters is at Al Arouba St, Al Gharb – Al Mareija – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Phone +971 522 470917) hereafter called” the “Company,” form the only basis for this contract (“Contract”) that is entered into between the Company and the Customer who has signed the Booking form, which is later called” Customer” or “Customer” (which includes all participants who are benefiting from the travel services described on the Booking Form). These Booking Terms and Conditions apply to the Customer and any other persons listed in the Customer’s booking. When a customer makes a reservation and confirms that the Customer has the authority to agree to and agree on behalf of the Customer to these Booking Terms and Conditions, and if the Customer is a corporation, the person who signs the Reservation Form has been legally authorized to seek assistance through the Company on behalf of the Customer. No employee or agent of the Company is authorized to change these Conditions. These “Holiday” Conditions include all services that the Customer books. The contract between the Company and the Customer will be subject to, construed, and determined by the legislation that applies to the UAE and is subject to the legal jurisdiction of the Courts of the UAE.

Brochures Validity

  1. The brochure provided to The Company can be used for a particular period. Therefore, the Customer must verify the authenticity of the leaflet with the Company before making any decisions based on its content. The information in the brochure comes from our trusted suppliers, but can’t be certain and is sometimes subject to change. Professional travel advisors from the Company strive to keep customers up-to-date with changes as quickly as possible.


  1. A reservation is made at one of our retail outlets, call centres, or via the Company’s consultants or Customer’s travel agents. It is caused by a customer at least 21 years old who has completed and signed the Booking Form, along with the deposit or full amount. The Company does not accept any other booking method. Bookings are approved by the Company only after it has issued confirmation of availability for the appropriate accommodation, flights, or other facilities relevant to the booking. The booking is subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the supplier and is only considered valid once the payment has been made in the full amount. After receiving the full price, the Company will provide the Customer with the needed document, which must be presented to the appropriate hotel, car rental, or other service provider for ground services included in the reservation to receive the services required.

Prices and Payment

  1. Prices are provided as an indication only dependent on availability and conditions during peak times (public holidays, Eid holidays, Christmas, and New Year …) and may be changed or withdrawn without prior notice. The Customer will be informed of the price and final itinerary when booking. The price will be confirmed once the Customer has received a full payment. The prices quoted are subject to changes. Price changes could be triggered by reasons beyond the Company’s control that can raise the cost of an item or service. These include but are not limited to negative changes in currency and fuel surcharges, tax increases, and airfare increases. Contact your Travel Loverz LLC Advisor for the most up-to-date rates.
  2. The cost of a booked holiday will only include those items mentioned on the Reservation Form. Except as stated, the price does not include things of a personal nature, which include, but are not restricted to, insurance for travel flights, meals, transfers to airports and optional excursions, passports, visas, baby cots, food, and cots laundry service, room service and hotel additional charges (including early late check-in/checkout charges) and hotel park (where applicable) as well as taxes or gratuities.
  3. The Client must deposit at the time of making the reservation. Deposits are non-refundable except for reasons that are specific directly to the Company. Unless stated otherwise, the final payment must be made at least six weeks before departure. Certain airfares or services have to be fully paid upon booking. Suppose the Customer is not able to pay the balance on time. In that case, the Company reserves the right to consider the booking cancelled by the Customer who cannot pay, and the following Cancellation Policy applies.
  4. If the reason for which the Company does not approve a reservation, any money paid by the Customer for the booking will be reimbursed, and the Company is not liable in any other liability to the Customer.
  5. Cash, credit or debit card, or Cheque payments can be made.
  6. The transactions using a Credit/Debit Card will not incur additional charges.

Payments by Cheque

  1. Paying by Cheque (excluding bank cheques) needs five business days for processing. The person using this method must spend at least five days before the due date. The Customer agrees to continue the price even if he decides to cancel the reservation. The Customer acknowledges that the Company could use the proceeds from the Cheque to pay any obligation the Customer may be subject to for any reason, including any responsibility regarding cancellation fees, before reimbursing the remaining balance. c. Taxes
  2. Taxes for airlines are susceptible to changes and must be established when your flight ticket is issued. There could also be an additional local tax that is charged at certain airports.

Cancellation or reservation Change Policies, e. It is the Company

  1. It is unlikely that a company would require a change to an arrangement that it has accepted. But, sometimes, adjustments have to be made due to changing situations. This is because the Company has the right to alter its policy. Still, when the change is significant, the Company will give the Customer the option of
  2. (a) accepting the changes and
  3. (b) using any other vacation offered by the Company (the Company will attempt to reimburse any price difference depending on the amount which is lower or higher than the alternative) or
  4. (c) making the reservation void and receiving a full reimbursement of the total amount. An example of a modification is and is not restricted to changes to Company about Company regarding
  5. (a) the departure location of the Customer,
  6. (b) the location of the Customer’s destination for the whole or majority of the Holiday,
  7. (c) a shift in lodging to one with less standard for the whole or a significant portion of the Customer’s Holiday;
  8. (d) an alteration to the departure time from outward or the duration of the Holiday of longer than 12 minutes. If the Customer agrees to the alteration to a lower standard of accommodation, the refund will reflect the lower cost of the housing. The Company cannot be held accountable for any changes to a vacation after departure due to circumstances outside the Company’s control. Some examples of events which are out of the power of the Company include but aren’t limited to threats to war, violence, civil unrest or terror acts, political unrest and industrial conflicts, strikes or strikes, floods, fires and other natural disasters, decisions by officials of the government or airports closing because of weather conditions or other weather conditions, as well as the inability of hotels, airline or other Company to provide services for any reason.
  9. The Company can cancel at any time in the case of a situation outside its control. It could be due to an overbooking that results from a failure or error of a person, such as a hotelier or travel agency that offers the services mentioned within the booking. In this situation, the Company will inform the Customer of the event as soon as possible and provide the Customer with a second trip to the booking that may be cancelled. The Company has no obligation to the Customer in such situations.

By the Customer

    1. If the Customer wants to change their reservation, if the Customer wants to modify their reservation, or cancel their reservation, the Company will do its best to accommodate the 
  1. Cancellation Policy
    1. Please note that the charges below are our Travel Loverz LLC cancellation charges. In addition, service providers like airlines and hotels will have their cancellation charges, which vary for each product. Those charges will be mentioned in the respective booking processes.


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Air Tickets


AED 150 per ticket


AED 100 per ticket



AED 150


AED 100

All other Products


AED 50


AED 50



AED 150 per service component in the package


The package includes AED 100 for flight and hotel and AED 50 for other products.

  1. At times of high demand (i.e., special events, public holidays, exhibitions, etc.), cancellation policies differ from the ones mentioned above. Special cancellation policies apply for all destinations during holidays, like New Year’s dates. These policies will be explained at the time of booking.
  2. There could be specific hotels, airlines, tour operators, cruises, or packages where cancellation policies were in place, and applicable fees may differ from the ones described above. Any changes to the cancellation policy or charges will be communicated to the Customer when booking.

Supplier Change and Cancellation Fees

Bookings that are cancelled may incur additional fees from the supplier that can amount to at least 100% of the price of the reservation, regardless of when travel has begun. There are also fees for suppliers if a booking is changed or cancelled and when tickets or other documents are issued. Suppose we incur any liability regarding a cancellation fee from a supplier in connection with any booking that the Customer has altered or erased. In that case, the Client accepts to indemnify the Company in the amount of the charge. If the Customer requests a refund for an unfulfilled booking, payment was made to the provider, and the Company cannot issue any refund until it receives the money from the supplier.

Travel Documents

  1. It is up to the consumer to have an authentic passport to travel internationally. Many countries require at least six months of validity when the return date is reached. Additionally, certain countries require an electronic ticket. The Customer must check with relevant authorities that they have current passports, visas, re-entry permits, and vaccination certificates that comply with all requirements of the immigration authorities and other government agencies. Any penalties, fines, or expenses resulting from these documents not meeting the needs of the authorities concerned are the Customer’s sole responsibility. The Company will not be responsible in any way for inconveniences, costs, or losses caused by the Customer due to the inability to produce or the loss or destruction of these documents.
The employees of the Company can provide information on passports, visas, and other travel documents required to travel internationally (“Travel Requirements”) to the best of their ability and the Company will assist the Customer in obtaining visas (surcharge cost will be charged). The Customer acknowledges that the rules and regulations of any country may change from time to time, and the Company is not responsible for any information it gives regarding Travel Requirements. If the Customer travels to the United States, he is advised to check for important information regarding compulsory pre-registration for the USA visa waiver program (“ESTA”). Many passport holders won’t be allowed to travel to the United States without a valid ESTA (or visa). If the Customer does not satisfy an ESTA’s eligibility requirements, they must apply for a visa.
  1. Other travel documents, including (without exclusion) tickets to the airport, hotel vouchers, travel vouchers or other documents (whether in electronic format or not) used to signify the agreement with a service provider, could be subject to specific limitations and conditions, including (without exclusion) being not refundable, cannot be changed date, and susceptible to cancellation or amendment charges. Documents for travel cannot be transferred to another person. All airline tickets must be issued under the passport or photo of the identity holder. Incorrect names on an itinerary could lead to the inability to utilize the reservation and result in its cancellation. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check their travel documents thoroughly and inform the Company immediately if there are any mistakes in names or dates. The Customer must obtain any travel documentation from the Company before departure. In general, the Travel documents for the Customer will be available to collect two weeks before departure. However, this may depend on the individual arrangements. The Customer should contact their personal travel advisor to confirm that they will be available to be collected.

Travel Insurance

  1. The Company strongly suggests that the Customer purchase adequate medical and travel insurance to protect the travel arrangements. For insurance for travel through Travel Loverz LLC, the Customer should consult his travel advisor from the Company.


  1. The Customer must ensure that he’s aware of any health requirements and suggested precautions for travel plans and that they have all the necessary documents for vaccination. In certain instances, failing to provide the mandatory documentation to prove vaccination (e.g. evidence for Yellow Fever vaccination) may be a reason to deny entry to a country. The Company advises its customers to speak with their local physician, travel medical clinic, or a specialist clinic for vaccination before beginning the journey.

The Company’s liability and responsibility

  1. The Company functions as an intermediary for a variety of travel-related services that have extensive relationships with a type of transportation and accommodation as well as other providers of services, including airlines, coaches operators, railway and cruise line companies, hotels and other entities that provide products or services associated with the Customer’s booking. The Company’s responsibility to the Customer is to book travel reservations for the Customer through suppliers related to travel of the Customer’s preference and to facilitate the necessary contracts between the Customer and the travel service provider. The Company will exercise due diligence in selecting reliable service providers. However, the Company isn’t an agent for travel services and has no influence over nor liability for the services offered by third parties. Bookings are made by and for the Customer’s benefit by the conditions and terms, including the carriage conditions and limitations on liability these service providers impose. The Company must give the customer copies of the applicable terms and conditions of the service provider upon demand.
  2. To the extent permissible by law To the extent that law permits, the Company, nor Company, nor any of its related bodies corporate, directors or employees Company nor the Company’s affiliated bodies directors, corporate employees, agents or directors accept any responsibility in either tort, contract or otherwise for any harm, loss or damage, loss (including consequential losses) delay, cost or inconvenience resulting directly or indirectly through the actions, omissions, or inability to perform, irrespective of negligence or other, by third-party providers over which the Company does not have direct control or force beyond its control or any other cause that is outside of Company control and is not foreseeable with reasonable diligence on the Company’s part.
  3. Various international conventions restricting transporters’ liability cover rail, sea, and road transport. International Conventions that could apply include, but not be limited to, in the context of international air travel, the Warsaw Convention 1929 (as amended) or the Montreal Convention 1999; in the case of rail travel, there is the Berne Convention 1961; in the case of sea-based Carriage in the point of sea-based transport, it is the Athens Convention 1974; in the case of road carriage about road transport, it is the Geneva Convention 1973; and regarding hotels hotel rooms, in the case of hotels, Paris Convention 1962. Air travel of passengers and their luggage is additionally subject to the conditions of Carriage for the transporter in question.
  4. If it is in a reasonable opinion, or in the opinion of the service provider providing any aspect of the service to which the Customer’s booking is a part of the Customer’s conduct or that of the Customer’s guests is disruptive, intimidating, or dangerous, creates an unnecessary discomfort or is likely to cause disruption, distress or damage disturbance,
  5. Suppose there is a nuisance to another or on others’ pain to property or other persons or property of others. In that case, the Company can terminate the Customer’s travel arrangements without responsibility for the Company’s part. There will be no refunds, and the Company will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred due to the cancellation. The Customer will indemnify and maintain the Company protected from any loss, damage, or claim that arises from) the Customer’s violation of any law or regulation. 2.) The Customer’s act or omission that causes harm to any third party, including, but not limited to, any hotel or other person involved in the travel service, and so on.
  6. The Customers are responsible for ensuring they are physically fit enough to travel and participate in every aspect of the services they booked and completed.
  7. As stated in the preceding paragraphs and as described further in the Booking Terms and Conditions of Sale, we will have no legal obligation to the Customer regarding any damages or losses.


  1. Suppose a Customer is unhappy with the Holiday in any way. In that case, it must be immediately reported to the local representative of the Company, who will do everything they can during the holiday time frame. If the issue persists, the next complaint or request for a refund is to be submitted by the Customer by writing to the Company’s Customer Service no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the Holiday. If not addressed, no further claim will be made at the Company. The Company will not issue refunds for services not used.
  2. If applicable, the fee for refund administration is USD 100 per booking, subject to change from time to date.

Special Requirements

    1. Customers who have special requirements must communicate with the Personal Travel Advisor of their choice or contact:
  1. , Travel Loverz, Al Arouba St, Al Gharb – Al Mareija – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Phone +971 522470917, regarding their special requirements for your travel arrangements, including special meals and seating requirements, room type, or disability access. All special needs depend on availability and will not be considered valid until the Customer has received an official confirmation from the Company.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Customer agrees that under certain situations (such as international trip bookings), The Company can provide the Customer’s data to third parties. These recipients could include, but aren’t only suppliers of travel services (e.g., hotels, airlines, or tour operators). These tour operators are most likely to have access to the Customers’ data in the country where they offer their services or where their business is located. The Company might also divulge customers’ personal information to foreign-related entities and to service providers that provide the services requested inside and outside the UAE. In general, the Company will only divulge customers’ personal information to entities that facilitate the Customer’s travel plans or to facilitate the provision of technical and administrative services. In light of the preceding, the Customer acknowledges that the Company is not required to guarantee that the data receiver will comply with UAE privacy laws or be held accountable for how they deal with the Customer’s data. In this context, “disclosure” includes transferring, sharing, transmitting, or making available or accessible to another person or organization.
  2. Suppose the Customer communicates with the Company for assistance with an inquiry or booking. In that case, The Company gathers the Customer’s data primarily to provide the Customer with information on travel or help with booking travel or travel-related items and services. However, the reason for gathering information can differ based on the specific circumstances.
  3. In giving to the Company in exchange for, or consenting to the Company to access or collect the Customer’s data, the Customer agrees to the Company making use of and disclosing their personal information to fulfil the purpose that it was collected and for other purposes that are related to or ancillary for any of the following:
    • Identifying fraud or error;
    • the reporting of compliance and regulatory requirements;
    • creating, enhancing and promoting the products and services of the Company as well as those of other related entities;
    • managing the relationship between the Company and the Customer, for example, by providing others with periodic updates on services and promotions;
    • market research, assessing the satisfaction of customers, and customer relationship management
    • loyalty programs;
    • to analyse trends in travel and sales destinations
    • For marketing, which includes but is not limited to mailings for marketing activities, such as emails, e-newsletters, phone calls and SMS notifications;
    • internal administration and accounting;
    • Other purposes are permitted or legally required (e.g., to protect health, safety, or life).

Monies Not Held On Trust

  1. Any money given by the Customer to the Company belongs to Travel Loverz and will be a debt that is due and due towards the provider of travel services after the services that the money relates have been rendered (except the funds that are paid for flights operated by one of the IATA airlines, and these may be held in trust for the IATA airline). The Customer acknowledges that the Company does not keep these funds in confidence for or in the name of the Customer, and the Company could hold such funds in any account it deems appropriate as well as alongside its own or other customer funds, and shall be entitled to offset the monies held against any obligation of the Customer.


Travel Loverz is grateful for feedback from customers. If customers want to give feedback on their Holiday, they can submit it via mail or email. Please provide as much detail as possible, including your Holiday booking reference and dates for your Holiday when applicable.
  1. The Customer may contact us at Travel Loverz, Al Arouba St, Al Gharb – Al Mareija – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Phone at +971 522 470 917, United Arab Emirates, or at

Governing Law

  1. If there is a dispute between the Company and the Customer, the laws of UAE are applicable. Indemnity: The Customer irrevocably completely agrees to the sole authority of the courts of UAE and waives any right they may be entitled to oppose any action brought before the courts of UAE.

Intellectual Property rights

All intellectual property rights that are related to:

  1. The brochures.
  2. These are communications that are sent out from the Company to the Customer.
  3. The Company and Qoratech logo shall always be regarded as belonging to the Travel Loverz/Company. The Customer agrees not to infringe on any right related to the above-mentioned intellectual property rights.

Force Majeure

  1. The Company cannot be held accountable for any omissions or acts related to the performance of any obligation if the acts or omissions of others are beyond the Company’s control.

Limitation of liability

  1. In no way will the Company’s liability be greater than the fees charged to the Customer.


If any of these conditions and terms are deemed invalid or unenforceable, the rest will be valid and enforceable for the parties.