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Ad Dakhiliyah also spelled Ad Dhakhiliyah or Al Dakhiliya

is one of the governorates (provinces) of the Sultanate of Oman. It is located in the country's interior, and its capital is Nizwa, one of Oman's most historically significant cities. Ad Dakhiliyah is known for its cultural heritage, historic sites, and stunning landscapes, making it a key destination for locals and tourists interested in exploring Oman's rich history.

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Here are some key aspects of Ad Dakhiliyah:

Geography and Landscape:

Ad Dakhiliyah is characterized by diverse landscapes, ranging from rugged mountains to expansive deserts. The governorate is part of the larger Hajar mountain range, and its topography includes deep valleys, ancient wadis (dry riverbeds), and rocky plateaus. The Jebel Akhdar mountain range, meaning "Green Mountain" in Arabic, is a prominent feature known for its terraced farms, traditional villages, and cool climate.

Nizwa – The Capital:

Nizwa, the capital of Ad Dakhiliyah, has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It served as the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries and is known for its well-preserved fort, Nizwa Fort. The defense, built in the 17th century, is an architectural marvel and provides panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. Nizwa is also famous for its traditional souq, where visitors can explore a variety of goods, including handicrafts, spices, and silverware.

Jebel Akhdar:

Jebel Akhdar, part of the Hajar mountain range, is a popular destination in Ad Dakhiliyah. The mountain is renowned for its cool climate, contrasting with the surrounding arid areas. The terraced farms on the mountain slopes are known for cultivating fruits like pomegranates, apricots, and roses for producing Omani rosewater. The picturesque villages of Jebel Akhdar offer a glimpse into traditional Omani life.


Bahla, another significant town in Ad Dakhiliyah, is recognized for its historic mud-brick fort, Bahla Fort. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Oman's oldest and largest forts, dating back over 4,000 years. The fort's architecture and intricate carvings make it a captivating attraction for history enthusiasts.

Al Hamra:

Al Hamra is a traditional Omani town known for its well-preserved mud-brick houses. Bait Al Safah, a cultural museum in Al Hamra, provides insight into the traditional lifestyle of Omanis through exhibits and demonstrations. The town also serves as a gateway to the nearby Jebel Shams, Oman's highest peak.

Cultural Heritage:

Ad Dakhiliyah is a stronghold of Omani cultural heritage. Traditional crafts such as pottery, silverware, and weaving are still practiced in the region, contributing to preserving Omani identity. The architectural styles of forts, houses, and falaj (ancient irrigation systems) reflect the area's historical significance.

Tourism and Development:

Ad Dakhiliyah has become increasingly popular among tourists seeking an authentic Omani experience in recent years. The government has invested in infrastructure and tourism development, balancing the preservation of cultural heritage with sustainable growth. Visitors can explore the region's historical sites, engage with local communities, and enjoy outdoor activities in the scenic landscapes.

In summary, Ad Dakhiliyah is a governorate that encapsulates the essence of Oman's cultural and historical identity. With its ancient forts, vibrant souqs, and breathtaking mountains, Ad Dakhiliyah offers a unique blend of tradition and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for those exploring the heart of Oman.

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